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[www.polyurea.cn,19-09-09 news] When people mentioned the typhoon Lekima, they still remember its destruction it caused , which chilled them to the bone. In recent years, typhoons passing through Qingdao have caused certain damage to the spray polyurea exposure test site of Qingdao Univ

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[19-09-09] Pure polyurea is not afraid of testing , just like real gold is not afraid of fire(图文)
[19-08-28] The preparation of the second edition of spray polyurea elastomer technology has come to a
[18-09-19] Warmly Celebrate The 20th Anniversary of Spray Polyurea Elastomer Technology in CHINA
[18-07-10] Spraying Polyurea Elastomer Technology will be re-issued!
[18-03-07] (2018) 20th Spring QTG Pure Polyurea Technology Training Course at Jobste is Registering N
[17-08-07] 2017 Autumn QTG Pure Polyurea Training Course is Registering Now!
[17-03-03] 2017 Spring QTG Pure PolyureaTraining Course is Registering Now!
[16-07-20] 2016 Autumu QTG Pure PolyureaTraining Course is Registering Now!
[16-05-22] QTG Training Course Realizing Your Dream—Being A Skilled Polyurea Engineer

Polyurea Loves Olympic Games  

The following large infrastructures of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games are widely used Spray Polyurea Elastomer in waterproofing and anticorrosion. Prof. Huang will tell you the story in details at the 10th PDA Annual Conference in January 20--23, 2009, NM, USA.

  • Beijing-Tianjin Inter-city Railway
    China's first inter-city express railway
  • The Beijing National Stadium (The Bird's Nest)
    The main venue for the 2008 Olympics
  • The National Aquatics Center (Water Cube)
    the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games for the construction of the main swimming pool
  • The Beijing South Railway Station
    the terminal for the inter-city express rail between Beijing and Tianjin, and a high-speed link between Beijing and the eastern financial hub of Shanghai.
  • Fengtai Sport Center
  • National Olympic Sports Center
  • Raw material


    Spray Polyurea Elastomer (in Chinese), the first monograph of polyurea,2005

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